Visit of local politicians at Naturkost Übelhör

20 March 2019

Raimund Haser (MdL), Christian Merk (Village Manager Friesenhofen) and Mayor Hans-Jörg Henle were introduced to the focus and development of Naturkost Übelhör by Christian Übelhör (Managing Partner).

Press release of the city of Leutkirch, 20.03.2019

"Company visit at Naturkost Übelhör.

Together with MdL Raimund Haser and Friesenhofen's local chairman Christian Merk, Mayor Hans-Jörg Henle visited the company Naturkost Übelhör in the Friesenhofen industrial park. Managing director Christian Übelhör introduced the company during a tour and provided information about the company's services.

The Übelhör company has been active worldwide in the procurement and marketing of organically grown raw materials for the food industry and processors since 1987. More than 155 employees, a good 60 of them in Friesenhofen, distribute more than 450 products to customers in the organic sector. These include seeds, nuts, dried fruits, grains, oils, spices, and much more. With warehouses in Hamburg and Leutkirch, the company is well positioned to supply the entire global market. "We have grown strongly in recent years," says Christian Übelhör. "In 2018 alone, we have hired about 20 employees," Übelhör continued.

In 2006, a subsidiary was founded in Mexico to take care of the cultivation, purification and marketing of chia seeds. As a result, Übelhör has since become one of the largest chia producers in the world. A total of 1500 farmers are under contract with the Leutkirch-based company.

Mayor Henle was impressed by the production and logistics areas in Friesenhofen: "It is always a pleasure to see what outstanding companies we have in Leutkirch. Over the years, a number of 'hidden champions' have developed in the Friesenhofen industrial park - the Übelhör company is certainly one of them," said Henle."

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