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Wheat gluten

Wheat gluten improves the rheological properties of doughs, batters and other food mixtures. It provides more volume and good viscoelastic and crumb properties in baked goods. Wheat gluten also extends the shelf life of baked goods and can be used to balance/adjust the protein content of the type of flour used. It supports water absorption and makes the dough moister and easier to work with. It is also naturally vegan.


  • Optimises flour and baking mixes
  • Manufacture of convenience products
  • Manufacture of meat and cooked sausage substitutes
  • Can be used in breakfast mixes, snacks, sauces, soups and pasta products
  • Manufacture of protein foam products
  • Plant protein substitute in cheese products
  • Used extensively as a protein source and binder in the production of animal and fish feed

Product overview:

  • 77% protein content

Sensory characteristics:

  • Slightly yellow, fine powder

Wheat gluten

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