Visit us at BIOFACH in Nuremberg.

14 to 17 February 2023, Hall 7a, Stand 511

BIOFACH – the world’s leading trade fair for organic food

We proudly present our key products!

Organic Dextrose (=grape sugar = glucose)

A white, crystalline, fine powder that tastes slightly sweet. Dextrose is a plant-based raw material and is mainly produced from corn and wheat.
Due to its high energy content, dextrose is used in e.g. baked goods and desserts, as a humectant and to increase volume. Furthermore, also as a preservative, such as in fruit jams and to improve the mouthfeel of a product.

Organic Baobab Powder

A white, fine powder that tastes sweet. It is obtained from the fruit of the baobab tree. The fruit is collected wild, as the tree does not bear its first fruit until it is 75 years old - there is no plantation cultivation as yet.
Baobab powder is rich in iron, antioxidants and fiber. Baobab is now incorporated into beverages, smoothies, dairy products, baked goods and chocolate.

Organic Brazil Nut Kernels
From our own project in Bolivia. Together with many local collectors, a reactivated factory for cracking and packing, we have already been handling conventional Brazil nut kernels since 2021.

EU organic certification will be 2023.

Organic Sachia® Chia Seeds from Germany

Yes, we are involved in the cultivation of JUANA variety chia. Sure - we have gained a lot of experience in growing and harvesting chia seeds over the last 10 years. Naturkost is a pioneer in growing Chia and importing it to Europe. We now continue this and participate with our knowledge in the German cultivation.
German Chia you will receive from harvest 2023, if you make a contract with us until the end of March 2023. You can get EU organic, Naturland and also conventional from us.

Organic Sachia® Chia Fiber
With a fiber content of over 55%, this is an excellent raw material to influence the mouthfeel and consistency of your product. Our chia fiber is a beige powder that finds its uses in confectionery, fruit juices/nectars, beverages and dietary supplements.
Important: It should be noted that this is a NovelFood and the possible applications are limited.

Organic Sachia® Chia Protein
This fine whitish-beige powder has a protein content of 40%.
Possible applications: Dairy products, confectionery, fruit juices/nectars, beverages, dietary supplements.
Important: It should be noted that this is a NovelFood and the possible applications are limited.

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