From the Bolivian rainforest – naturally grown Brazil nuts.

Trust. Grown over the years.

We have been a trusted partner of Brazil nut pickers for 30 years

Through our Brazil nut project in the Amazon region of Bolivia – as is the case wherever we are active in the world – we have developed a trusting partnership which is vital for the livelihoods of the local people. Here we work in partnership with a family business that has a licence to farm over 10,000 hectares of forest. We continually source fruit from a large number of pickers who work there.

The secure income that we offer over 600 pickers ensures that trees, which can up be up to 100 years old, are valued. This helps to safeguard a piece of the rainforest’s natural ecosystem and conserves valuable resources.

This is a great result that tastes just as good as our wild-grown Bolivian Brazil nuts.

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Nicole Buzengeiger

Head of Marketing & Product Management

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